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Legacy Horse Farms offers Breeding.,Training, Foaling, Lay - Ups, Sales Conditioning and Consignments.
We are also a recipient station for mares needing to receive shipped semen from other farms. 
     If you're a stallion owner and would like information regarding our services during the breeding season, contact us and we will see if we can meet your needs.
     We offer quality horses for sale at all times including proven broodmares, stallion prospects, young horses, and show horses. Please visit our Sale Horses section, which is updated regularly.
Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions you may have.

To produce the next generation of champions one needs to select from bloodlines which possess the qualities that lead to success.
     At Legacy Farms we are proud to offer selected stallions who typify the ideal proven performance horse. These stallions lineage reflect athleticism, style, disposition and diversity, which are traits essential for creating today's winners. These qualities are evident in the sire's ability to pass these traits to their progeny.

For mare owners we invite you to consider our selection of stallions for your breeding program.

Legacy Farm News
    New at Legacy Farms
Introducing our Broodmare
     Leasing Program
 We are only breeding to a limited number of mares in 2010. We are leasing some of our mares out on a broodmare program where as they don't leave the farm.
We take care of the mare at Legacy Farm's facility and breed the mare for you, to one of our fine stallions or accept shipped semen from other stallions and will take care of 
all the breeding for you.
                                                                Broodmare Leasing Program

                              It has taken us a lifetime to accumulate such a fine collection of broodmares.
We have some of the best now that we have ever owned and each and everyone has been handpicked. We do not wanting to part with our very good mares, however we personally don't want to raise so many of our own. This offers those of you who might want to raise their own baby out of one of our stallions of your choice, or to ship in semen of any other outside stallion of their choice to my mares as well.
For a limited time, we are offering them to you for a set fee per month that will take you through foaling, or will discount that price dramatically to you if you were to pay up front for the entire year in a flat fee. All mares must remain onsite for the lease program.
   The vet bills will be that of the lessee but they will be kept to a minimum as a lot of the work we do ourselves and don't use the vet recessively, but just to  ultrasound the ovaries and to them check again for pregnancy.
     Many of my TB mares are crop out mares, the other TB mares are mostly all blacks and bays, excellent temperament and movement and range from 16.2 hh to 17 hh plus. 
We have some wonderful pleasure bred mares, and even have the dam of Reddys Review here which we would sell embryos to those interested and have plenty of recipient mares to lease as well to carry the ET'S. If you would like more information on this program, E- Mail us Please and we can discuss it further.
     Also Available is our
       Lease Program
 Come see your next champion !
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